You can be sure that this poll suggesting the Tories enjoy a 5% lead will receive a lot less attention than the weekend’s Ipsos-MORI poll that gave Labour a 3% lead.  Today’s Communicate Research survey for The Independent gives the Conservatives a 37% to 32% advantage.

The one key thing that the MORI and Communicate Research polls have in common is that the Tories are on 37%.  But whereas MORI gives Labour 39% of the vote and the LibDems just 15%, Communicate Research puts Labour on 32% and the LibDems on 18%.

The survey was carried out on Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June – after the Ashdown offer, during the aftermath of the EU summit and partly on the day of Brown’s ‘coronation’.

All headline polls need to be treated cautiously at the moment but this will steady some Tory nerves.  ICM and YouGov polls are expected this week.  There may be plenty of opportunities, therefore, for Cameroons to declare that everything is well with the project and sceptics to say that the party is doomed!

The ConservativeHome poll of polls now includes MORI again.

PS This is the first time I have ever blogged from a lift.  I am stuck somewhere between third and fourth floor in our Victoria Street offices and have been for forty minutes.  Fortunately I have my Mac and an internet connection.  I hope to see daylight sometime soon!  (8.35am update: I am out of the lift and going in search of a bacon roll).

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