Doctor20with20toddler_2 The new health policy from the Conservative Party aims to redress the problems in the NHS by:

  • Ensuring that money put into the NHS goes into improving the NHS for everyone and is not wasted on red tape and pen pushing.
  • Ending the top down target culture and taking Ministers out of day-to-day decision making in the NHS.
  • Giving patients more information and choice.
  • Ending pointless reorganisations in the NHS.

As part of their policy the Party are making three core commitments:

  • "We will write into law the underlying principle of the NHS that all people will receive universal access to a comprehensive health service based on need and not ability to pay.
  • "We will ensure that public funds for health care are devoted solely to NHS patients; we have ruled out subsidies to private health care.
  • "We will not sanction any more pointless reorganisations of the NHS. The proposals in our White Paper are based on existing structures."

The policy proposes that the Government remain responsible for establishing the framework in which the NHS operates and for setting overall spending and objectives but that an independent NHS board will allocate money.

Targets will be abolished and decision making (and budgetary) powers will be put in the hands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Patients will be given more choice and doctors and nurses will be more accountable to patients.

The NHS will also be accountable to local councils for the structure of health services and the priorities of the local NHS.

You can read the policy proposals here.

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