An ICM survey in The Sunday Telegraph suggests that the Tory lead is up from 2% (when ICM conducted their last survey for The Guardian) to 5% but you wouldn’t know that from the headline over the newspaper’s coverage.  "Cameron much weaker than Brown, says voters" is the top spin chosen by The Sunday Telegraph.  Rather than the 37% to 32% advantage enjoyed by a Cameron-led Conservative Party the newspaper chooses to focus upon a finding that Gordon Brown is seen to be stronger by 53% to 33% of respondents.  The overall head-to-head questions confirm what many already suspected; Cameron is generally seen as friendlier, more caring, more inspiring and more forward-looking whilst Brown is more experienced, stronger and (hilariously) more competent.

The ICM poll was conducted after the Graham Brady resignation but largely before the U-turn stories of the last 48 hours.

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