As the grammars school row has worn on there has been a deterioration in the quality of the comments.  I read the ‘Cameron back from Crete thread’ with growing exasperation yesterday.  Sam and I are not going to tolerate this continuing.  We are going to ban more IP addresses of offending users and we are going to delete more comments.  Our hope for this site is that it represents all shades of opinion within the party and that differences are discussed in a friendly and substantial way – always without personal meanness.  That hasn’t been happening recently and good commenters are being driven away.  So here is some guidance…

  • As our comments policy states: there will be zero tolerance of homophobia, racism and other forms of hatefulness.
  • Bad language, personal nastiness or posts that are overly long, off-subject or simply tedious may be deleted and their authors may be subject to temporary or permanent bans.
  • The Editor’s decision is final with regard to any and all bans.  We also reserve the right to edit any comments – removing bad language or other objectionable material.
  • Whilst people from other parties are welcome to have their say on this site – notably comstock, passing leftie and Henry Mayhew – they will no longer be allowed to dominate threads or routinely propagandise for their parties.  We have been too indulgent in this regard.
  • Sam and I spend a lot of time at our laptops but we do take some time off!  If you see an objectionable comment please email us ( and  This will come through to my Blackberry and can accelerate action against the offence.
  • If you see a bad comment please do not give the offender the attention they usually crave.  If another ConservativeHomie has already attacked/ disowned it then please move on and get back to the thread.  Rogue commenters have succeeded when they have disrupted our conversations.

For those not in the know, you can liven up your comments a little by using basic html code:

< i > ITALICISE < / i >

< b > EMOBOLDEN < / b >

< blockquote > INDENT < / blockquote >

< a  h r e f = WORD > LINK < / a >   

Note the space between a and href, all the other spacings have been added so the code is visible. Please remember to close the code because it will affect the site if you don’t.

Tomorrow I’m intending to spend the day reviewing ConservativeHome’s 44% manifesto.  I am going to use the day to restate my own support for some central components of Project Cameron mission.  I’ve been guilty of not doing enough of that.

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