The Sunday Telegraph’s leader is slightly unimpressed with the "anti-democratic" constitution-by-stealth:

"The deception over the constitution demonstrates that
the European project, in its present form, is not just undemocratic but
anti-democratic: it depends on ensuring that the electorate cannot
express its will.

For once, David Cameron and the
Conservatives have an easy target: they must harry Gordon Brown
relentlessly until he promises a referendum on the new treaty. Nothing
less will do. And unless he undoes Mr Blair’s last act of dictatorial
hubris, Mr Brown will merely be following his predecessor’s trail of
deceit and dishonesty."

The Party certainly seems to be heeding this advice with Cameron today reiterating Hague’s statement that any further transfer of power should be given the nod by the British people:

"Any treaty that is about the transfer of powers to the EU must be put to the country in a referendum."

This is a good way to sooth his recently bruised relationship with the grassroots, Stuart Wheeler and John Redwood have already welcomed the position. ConservativeHome will be working with Open Europe this week to keep a close eye on developments with this "treaty".

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