There is a lot of blog-fuelled speculation about another defector to Camp Brown.  A lot of it is focusing on John Bercow but he has denied that he intends to defect.  Sam Coates of The Times (who has been blogging fascinating stuff all day) does suggest, however, that Gordon Brown might invite the Conservative MP to become Secretary of State for International Development.  I disagree with John on many things but I greatly respect his commitment to development issues and human rights.  My guess is that he would find it a difficult offer to resist.  He might insist on staying a Tory MP and then David Cameron would face a difficult decision: Should he remove the whip from a member of a Labour Cabinet?  All speculation at this stage but very interesting.  He’s already travelled from the Monday Club to being a very socially liberal moderniser who opposes tax cuts.  His wife is a Labour supporter.  Joining Brown’s Cabinet would not be a very surprising next step in his journey.  It would certainly be much more credible than Quentin Davies’ defection (who is pictured here on the Labour benches today).

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