YougovicmAs warned yesterday evening, two opinion polls this morning will put a smile on Gordon Brown’s face.  An ICM poll for The Guardian* gives Labour a 4% lead and YouGov for The Daily Telegraph* puts the  Labour lead at 3%.

I cannot find any below-the-headline-detail within The Guardian coverage but there is additional information from YouGov:

  • Brown enjoys a 35% to 23% advantage over Cameron on who would be the best PM – this contrasts with a 30% to 25% advantage for Cameron in April.
  • Labour is back in the lead on economic competence; 35% to 27%.
  • By 52% to 37% voters believe that it is possible for Labour to enjoy a fresh start under Brown.
  • 43% are optimistic in some way about Brown as PM but 49% are not optimistic in any way.
  • By 48% to 25% voters think Brown is an asset to Labour.
  • By 37% to 28% voters think the ‘new’ Cabinet looks much the same as the old one.

Fieldwork for the ICM survey began after Brown became PM on Wednesday and was finished on Thursday night.  The Telegraph says simply that their YouGov survey was only undertaken after Brown became PM.  It is possible that these polls will only have captured some of the early honeymoon effect, therefore.  Yesterday’s newspapers were, for example, very positive about Brown’s Cabinet.

Today’s Telegraph also covers David Cameron’s embrace of ‘the politics of and’:

"In Wednesday’s speech, which was overshadowed by Mr Brown’s coronation as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron said he believed in "the politics of and" rather than of "or".  The party leader, according to, delighted some shadow Cabinet members, when he said they would be "committed to protecting the environment and would be a party of free enterprise; a party that was tough on crime and its causes – particularly family breakdown; a party that would campaign for a referendum on the EU treaty and would prioritise international development"."

* The changes shown in the graphic above are different from those reported in The Guardian and Telegraph.  That is because ConservativeHome compares with the most recent polls by ICM/ YouGov for any media organisation rather than for the most recent poll for that particular media organisation.

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