8pm update: The YouGov/ Telegraph survey gives Labour a 38% to 35% advantage and Brown a 12% advantage over Cameron on best Prime Minister.

An ICM survey for tomorrow’s Guardian will put the Labour Party four points ahead (39% to 35%) and there’ll be a YouGov poll for The Telegraph that is also expected to give Gordon Brown the lead. I’ll provide more as soon as I get it…

A poll published in today’s Economist but taken before Gordon Brown entered Number 10 (click on graphic to enlarge for details) gives Cameron relative advantages  on tax, the EU, improving schools, improving the NHS and reducing immigration.  There’s nothing much to choose between the two leaders on climate change and Gordon Brown enjoys a solid advantage on strengthening the economy.  UK Polling Report has commentary here.

A Populus poll for today’s Daily Politics programme on BBC1 (that was conducted at the start of this month) found that 48% agreed that Mr Cameron was "superficial and lacks any clear convictions".  40% disagreed.  36% said Mr Cameron had the "strength and judgment to be a good prime minister".  49% said he did not.  54% agreed that it was "no longer clear what the Conservative Party stands for".  36% disagreed.

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