Boris Johnson MP, Tory spokesman on higher education, has attacked the University and College’s Union boycott of Israel as "disgusting and one-sided.”  Writing on his blog, he describes the Israel-Palestinian situation as "nightmarishly difficult" with "faults on both sides" and questions why the UCU haven’t led boycotts of other regimes:

“Where is the UCU denunciation of the Palestinians who have been detaining a BBC journalist for more than a month? I do not notice UCU voting to sever contacts with Iran, where students have recently been hanged for opposition to the regime. Come to that, I don’t see any condemnation of the leftist tyrant Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has just taken a hostile TV station off the air. What kind of point is UCU trying to make?”

Lord Coe, visiting Israel, has also condemned the boycott.

Watch Benjamin Netanyahu condemn the boycott:

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