CCHQ has greeted Prime Minister Gordon Brown with this press release:

"Gordon Brown has today tried to bury details of over £100,000 of political donations to his leadership campaign from a raft of rich businessmen and trade unions.

While attention has been focused on the change of Prime Minister, an obscure file lodged with the Electoral Commission this morning reveals:

  • Nearly half of the Board of Trustees of the Smith Institute – including the Chairman – have given cash donations to his leadership campaign. The controversial think tank is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission over its use by the Chancellor for political campaigning.
  • A Labour peer who provoked a row over his tax status has doubled his donations to Gordon Brown and given a further £20,000 in cash through Caparo Industries, whose parent company is based in the British Virgin Islands.
  • A fourth businessman, Labour peer Lord Simon, who was appointed by Gordon Brown to a Treasury panel on public services has now donated cash. This comes after three businessmen who were appointed by the Chancellor to Government posts were revealed last month as donors.

Commenting, Shadow Cabinet Member, Chris Grayling said:

“Gordon Brown has spent his entire leadership campaign promising to restore trust in politics. Now as soon as he’s become Prime Minister, he’s trying to burying bad news about embarrassing donations to his campaign. This sort of spinning doesn’t bode well for his time in Number 10”."

Yet again it is Chris Grayling taking the lead on an issue like this.  Chris was on this morning’s Today programme re Quentin Davies.  Alan Duncan did all of the media yesterday on the defection.  Where was the Party Chairman?  Absent from the grammar schools row, Francis Maude is absent again now.  Extraordinary.

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