A Conservative source tells the Daily Mail’s James Chapman that the Tories are planning "a genuine radical ideas blitz" over the summer months to prove that there is real substance to the Cameron project and to provide a contrast with Gordon Brown.

The Mail highlights the recommendations of Ken Clarke’s democracy taskforce (highlighted in the graphic on the right) which promise to win back the public’s faith in politics and restore the standing of parliament – reduced to "poodle status" under Tony Blair.

The Mail believes that David Cameron will embrace the former Chancellor’s proposals.

It is not clear if Mr Clarke will make any recommendations on state funding of political parties.  Extra state funding of politics is very unpopular with grassroots Conservatives and many MPs.  Ken Clarke’s 2005 campaign manager, Andrew Tyrie, was the architect of David Cameron’s plans for state funding.

The next three months will see all of the major policy groups report.  Key tensions to look out for:

  • Tensions between the quality of life and international development policy groups.  John Gummer’s quality of life group want to reduce the environmental impact of food being flown around the world whilst Peter Lilley’s international development group is more minded to open up our markets to third world farmers.
  • Iain Duncan Smith’s social justice policy group making recommendations on family and drugs that could potentially alarm the party’s social liberals.
  • An emphasis on the importance of lower taxation within John Redwood’s economic competitiveness report.

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