Baroness Thatcher (pictured then and now, thanks to the Telegraph) has given a speech (text/audio) commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War. She concluded her words by relating it to the present:

"So, as we recall – and give thanks for – the liberation
of our islands, let us also recall the many battlefronts where British
forces are engaged today.

There are in a sense no final victories, for the
struggle against evil in the world is never ending. Tyranny and
violence wear many masks. Yet from victory in the Falklands we can all
today draw hope and strength.

Fortune does, in the end, favour the brave. And it is Britain’s good fortune that none are braver than our armed forces."

Dr Nile Gardiner of the Thatcher Center for Freedom has written a must-read paper expanding on the lessons from the Falklands:

"The world needs a
confident, powerful Britain that stands as a warrior nation in the
defense of freedom and Western civilization. To all intents and
purposes, Britain and America today are at war globally against a
vicious enemy and ideology that seeks their destruction."

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