YougovThe Tory lead has been trimmed slightly in today’s YouGov survey for The Sunday Times but we should remember that Labour also received a temporary boost after Tony Blair’s last resignation speech – in October 2006 at the Labour conference.  In the immediate afterglow of Thursday’s resignation, 49% thought Tony Blair had been a good PM overall and 46% thought he had been a poor PM.  Those Tories inclined to make hysterical attacks on Tony Blair should pause first and think on those numbers.

Gordon Brown supporters will be concerned that the Tory lead widens to 42% to 32% when voters are asked to make a choice between a Cameron-led Conservative Party and a Brown-led Labour Party.

The LibDems will be concerned to see that post the local elections their party has fallen back again.’s Mike Smithson has spotlighted the issue of Menzies Campbell’s leadership again this morning.

If Gordon Brown is looking to restore his popularity he needs to restore control of Britain’s borders according to YouGov.  60% of those polled want a reduction in immigration.  49% want troops home from Iraq. Iraq may be the most important decision of Gordon Brown’s leadership bid.  There is a great deal of talk that he is planning a major repositioning speech in which he will talk very frankly about what went wrong in the lead up to the decision to go to war and in the prosecution of the war.

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