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12.21: It’s been an honour to have been Prime Minister.  I think I have got lots of things right.  Apologies for the times I have fallen short.  "Good luck."

12.19: "The British people are special… This is a blessed nation. This is the greatest nation on earth."

12.18: "Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right.  I may have been wrong.  That’s your call."

12.16: We cannot give up in Iraq. The terrorists won’t.

12.12: On fighting poverty in Africa, combating climate change and fighting terrorism Britain is not a follower in the world – but a leader.

12.10: I am proud of the way we have changed the culture of Britain: the minimum wage, paid holidays, paid maternity pay, equality for gay people.

12.08: No other post-war government has presided over more jobs, less unemployment, lower crime, more spending on health and education and economic growth in every quarter.

12.05: I will stand down as Prime Minister on 27th June.

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