BBC Parliament is replaying its 1997 General Election coverage today and the Daily Mail’s Benedict Brogan is enjoying the trip down memory lane.  Ben has just blogged two priceless quotes from that dark night…

Gordon Brown: "Under Tony Blair’s magnificent leadership the Labour party is now ready to rebuild the bond of trust between the British people and their government."

Tony Blair: "I feel a deep sense of honour, a deep sense of responsibility, a deep sense of humility. You have put your trust in me and I intend to repay that trust. I will not let you down."

Ten years of spin’n’squander later, recent polling found that barely a quarter of British voters trust Tony Blair.

5.30pm: Some screen captures from that night…

Michael Portillo is defeated…

…alongside a number of other senior Tories who were overwhelmed by Peter Snow’s landslide…

SnowlandslideTony Blair greets Neil Kinnock outside the Royal Festival Hall celebration party:

BlairkinnockTony Blair – We were elected as New Labour and we will govern as New Labour:

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