Dsc00033_5The first PMQs since it was confirmed that Gordon Brown would be elected unopposed was a subdued affair, perhaps recognising the pointlessness of asking questions to a Prime Minister who won’t be there in two months time. At least the man who will have the power, Gordon Brown, turned up this time.

David Cameron’s first subject: David Cameron took advantage of the long handover of power from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown by asking the "Prime Minister if he would advise the next Prime Minister" to reverse planned closures of maternity units. Tony Blair declined to do so. David Cameron then asked about the planned closure of accident and emergency units, again asking him what he would advise his successor to do. The Prime Minister again did not answer. 

David Cameron’s second subject: David Cameron challenged Tony Blair on the last minute postponement of HIPS. Comparing the different answers on issues of substance given by Ruth Kelly and Yvette Cooper this week and last week David Cameron asked the Prime Minister if he would advise Gordon Brown to retain them. When Tony Blair insisted nothing was wrong Cameron said that "the walls of the bunker must be pretty thick".

Ming moment of the day: Ming Campbell asked the Prime Minister why he didn’t seek a mandate for building new nuclear power stations in his 1997, 2001 and 2005 manifestos and why more money was not being invested in renewable energy.

Backbench question of the day: Simon Burns asked the Prime Minister about the link between dyslexia and crime. He said that a pilot project in Chelmsford Prison help was available to help prisoners with dyslexia but once they were outside no help was available.

Line of the day: Gordon Prentice got the biggest laugh when he asked Tony Blair about "out mutual friend the Chancellor"

Andrew Burkinshaw

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