SatisfactionwithcameronNet satisfaction with David Cameron rose in April amongst Conservative members.  A net rating of 49% reflected 74% satisfied and 25% dissatisfied.  That’s the best rating for six months.

One of the most frequent debates on this site is whether those who comment are representative of broader party opinion. I’ve often defended the monthly survey (which accurately predicted the result of the 2005 leadership race) but have never defended the representativeness of the comments.  A couple of questions in the April survey appear to confirm that those who regularly comment on ConservativeHome are likely to be more negative about the Conservative leader but regular visitors to ConservativeHome are at least as likely to be satisfied as non-readers.  Here are two key findings…

  • 77% of those who hardly ever leave comments on ConservativeHome were satisfied compared to 58% who said that they comment most days.
  • 76% of those who visit ConservativeHome two or three times each day are satisfied with David Cameron compared to 66% of those who never visit and 68% who only visit occasionally.

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