After joining Tony Blair in paying tributes to Lord Weatherill, Cameron again attacked Blair over the Home Office split. He quoted Charles Clarke who said splitting the Home Office was a "completely batty idea that would damage national security", and asked why John Reid wasn’t hanging around to see the changes through if they were so good.

Brown was present for once, and didn’t look impressed when Cameron said "Thank God he’s come out of his blacked up limo and come into the Commons.". Blair made a lot of hay out of yesterday’s speech by Letwin, mocking its language and picking out the line "it all goes back to Marx"… to which he joyfully retorted: "that’s Groucho I assume".

Living_dead_2Using all of his questions in one go, Cameron shifted his attack to the "paralysis" and instability of a Government whose senior ministers are due to resign at crucial times in their briefs. He finished off with the best soundbite of the day, "the government of the living dead", as Conservative MPs literally waved goodbye to Blair at the end of Cameron’s questions (although he’ll still be around for several weeks).

<paragraph about Menzies Campbell deleted for being too boring>

Other notable questions included Sir Peter Tapsell asking a typically pointless but funny question  that referenced both Walter Mitty and King James II. Brian Binley angrily said Blair had failed on crime and the causes of crime, and Daniel Kawczynski got a big laugh for a loud solo cheer to a question about Shropshire.

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