You can vote for your favourite candidate on the Newsnight website… in terms of performance I voted for Alan Johnson – by far the most charismatic and persuasive.

11.12pm: Cruddas, Harman and Johnson support some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

11.10pm: Alan Johnson is only candidate to oppose taxpayer funding of politics – all support limits on election spending – Cruddas supports cap on individual donations.

11pm: Cruddas only ‘no’ to Trident and only ‘yes’ to ending charitable status for private schools.  All in favour of nuclear power stations.

11pm: Hain and Harman attack stop and question press stories from the weekend.

10.50pm: Harman, Blears and Cruddas say that they wouldn’t vote for the Iraq war if they knew then what they know now. Hain and Benn say they won’t revisit the decision. Alan Johnson takes the most Blairite position by ignoring the WMD issue and focuses on Saddam’s dictatorial record and contravention of UN resolutions.

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