Sarkozy_1I would imagine very few ConservativeHome readers would have picked up the waste of trees that is the Daily Mirror this morning, but you may have seen the story we linked to from the frontpage about Nicolas Sarkozy apparently snubbing David Cameron. It won’t surprise you that the Mirror got it wrong.

It was based on an article Denis Macshane, former Minister for Europe, wrote about Sarkozy in the Observer last weekend:

"A frequent visitor to London, he and his wife have met the Browns and Blairs. He has spoken at the CDU summer school in Germany alongside Merkel and is close to the liberalising centre-right EU Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso. Sarkozy has refused to meet David Cameron as the Conservative policy of quitting the association of centre-right parties in Europe – driven by the Eurosceptic William Hague – has provoked anger in the new ruling parties of the European right."

As you will see from the comments below it, the article was full of inaccurate and misleading assertions. The CCHQ press team have asked both papers to make corrections, saying:

"Denis MacShane claims in his article that Nicolas Sarkozy "has refused to meet David Cameron." Odd, then, that Sarkozy welcomed David Cameron to Paris on his first visit overseas as Leader of the Conservative Party over a year ago, that they met again in London in September and that Sarkozy gave a supportive video address to the Conservative Party Conference in October. Denis MacShane likes to consider himself as informed about European developments.  Perhaps, once again, he has conveniently overlooked the facts?"

The second and final round in the French presidential elections between Sarkozy and Royal takes place on Sunday.

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