Bud07_leaflet1I had to visit my local GP on Friday afternoon and noticed the waiting room had four piles of a leaflet summarising the 2007 Budget.  Published by the Treasury it was little more than propaganda at the taxpayers’ expense.  A few snippets from the leaflet will give you the gist:

  • "The Government’s economic reforms have continued to help the UK maintain macroeconomic stability";
  • "Inflation is set to remain low and stable";
  • "The public finances remain sound";
  • "[The Government] is creating a modern and fair tax system";
  • "Since 1997, the New Deal has helped over 858,000 young people into jobs, and helped to provide greater employment opportunity for people who find it harder to obtain jobs" (Hello?!);
  • "High quality public services";
  • "The Government is determined to secure value for money for the taxpayer".

You can read the full leaflet here but there’s something very wrong about our taxes being used to fund soft Labour propaganda.  The game is given away at the end of the leaflet when it refers to changes made since 1997.  The leaflet is making points that have everything to do with the electoral cycle and very little to do with the business cycle.

Two interesting graphs on total state spending and taxation do appear at the end of the leaflet (click on either of the images below to enlarge).

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