ShadowcabinetsatisfactionDavid Davis’ net satisfaction rate rose slightly in April to 84%.  His net satisfaction rating (those members satisfied minus those dissatisfied) is the same as it was last May when he overtook William Hague in this series.  The Shadow Home Secretary’s rating now comfortably exceeds William Hague’s 67% rating.

Lord Strathclyde is now level-pegging with Liam Fox for the third placed position.  The Defence Secretary is down 1% to 49% but the Shadow Leader of the Lords is up 7% to 48%.

George Osborne’s rating rises for the third consecutive month to 42%.

Theresa May climbs back into positive territory for the first time in three months.

The graph above (click to enlarge) summarises the movement in net satisfaction ratings for some leading members of David Cameron’s team.

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