Margaret Hodge is all over the newspapers this morning for saying that new migrants should go to the back of the housing queue.  As reported in today’s Sun she calls for a new points system to decide access to social housing.  A person’s access to a council home would then depend upon their place of birth, length of residence and their national insurance contributions.  Labour MP Keith Vaz attacked Ms Hodge on this morning’s Today programme for feeding the fantasies of the far Right that immigrants receive unfair access to social amenities.  For Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green, her remarks are an admission of Labour’s failure on borders control:

"Margaret Hodge is admitting the long term failure of this Government to control immigration. This is why Conservatives are calling for an explicit annual limit on the numbers coming here from outside the EU so that we can avoid exactly the sort of problems she is talking about."

The Sun Says gives a "welcome" to Margaret Hodge’s intervention:

"Letting immigration run riot only plays into the hands of extremists — as well as placing an intolerable burden on the forces of law and order already hamstrung by political correctness and red tape."

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