This morning’s Telegraph reports that Conservative-controlled Kensington and Chelsea council will soon launch a campaign to protect its small shops.

The council will welcome a report today that recommends:

  • A levy on large retail chains that will be used to support local, independent retailers;
  • Restrictions on supermarkets’ ability to sell fresh fish or meat if they are close to an independent butcher or fishmonger;
  • New planning laws that stop local shops being converted into coffee shops like Starbucks.

London’s Evening Standard has been running a Save our Small Shops campaign amidst growing concerns at the impact that Tesco Metro and other supermarket chains are having on corner shops.  David Cameron has backed that campaign, calling independent shops "the lifeblood of a local community".  Zac Goldsmith, Tory candidate in Richmond Park, has launched his own effort to stop a Sainsbury’s opening in Barnes by organising a local referendum.

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