David Cameron held another press conference in the St Stephen’s Club today. Joined by William Hague he outlined a number of measures Britain should advocate against Iran for its non-compliance over the ongoing nuclear programme.

Measures the UN Security Council should institute:

  • a travel ban on anyone involved in Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, and on leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
  • blacklisting of Bank Saderat (used by Iran to transfer money to terrorists) and a ban on trade with IRGC companies
  • ban on the selling of arms and technical assistance to Iran’s military
  • discouraging, but not legislating against, investment in Iran’s energy sector and restricting the sale of oil and gas related technology

Additional steps the EU should take:

  • Iran_nuclear_sitesprogressively restricting export credit guarantees to Iran, and European investment in Iranian oil and gas fields
  • restricting access of Iranian banks to the European financial system
  • travel ban and assets freeze on members of the IRGC
  • ban on new or extended loans to Iranian state-owned enterprises

They also believe the EU should show that it is willing to pursue economic and diplomatic sanctions, that are benchmarked by Iranian compliance. See our video clip of Cameron’s introductory speech below:

The press Q&A session was again dominated by grammar schools amongst other issues. I asked Cameron how Britain should respond to Iran’s role in the killing of British troops in southern Iraq, through their backing of Shia militias. He didn’t get into specifics, just saying that Iran’s role in regional instability heightened the need for action over the nuclear programme.

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