Channel 4 is currently defying calls from the Conservatives and friends of Princess Diana to axe a programme which contains reportedly graphic images of the Paris car crash that killed her nearly ten years ago.  Ed Vaizey MP, our broadcasting spokesman, told ConservativeHome: "We think Channel 4 has crossed a line by showing the inside of the car. No matter how much they protest they have been sensitive and careful, they have breached a line that has held for ten years."

The timing of this new row could embolden Gordon Brown in his reported interest in privatising Channel 4 for £1bn.  At the 2001 General Election the Conservative Party proposed the sale of C4 and that proceeds should be used to endow universities.  It is still the party’s policy to end all public subsidy to the broadcaster that produced 46,000 complaints when its recent Celebrity Big Brother programme contained allegedly racist bullying.