Trimble My fellow blogger Iain Dale’s fortnightly Telegraph column appears today.  The article contains lots of good advice for David Cameron and includes a few recommendations for a shadow cabinet reshuffle:

"One man with huge experience, personal charm and immense ability is David, now Lord, Trimble. He recently joined the Conservative benches in the Lords and would be a hugely impressive addition to the shadow cabinet.  He is only 62, and is very keen to play an active part in politics on the UK mainland. He may not feel ready just yet for a frontbench role, but surely that moment will come before the election.  Others who may reasonably expect preferment include the battle-hardened local government spokesman Eric Pickles. He has played a leading part in restoring the Tories’ local government base and is an accomplished media performer. As a blunt northerner, it would be a signal to the party in the North that it has another champion at the top table.  Dominic Grieve, the shadow attorney general, exudes competence and decency. His work on diversity and impressive style at the Dispatch Box ought to make him a shoo-in for the new Ministry of Justice position."

Former Telegraph Editor Charles Moore once tipped David Trimble for the Tory leadership.  Iain’s recommendation seems a good one to me.  I’m off to Belfast today to address the Northern Ireland Conservatives.  I’ll see what they think of the idea.

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