Speaker_weatherill BBC: "Although Lord Weatherill was a Tory MP, in the Lords he was convenor of the crossbench peers and his father was a member of the Independent Labour Party.  Tributes were being paid to him on Monday from across the political spectrum.  Lord Heseltine, the former Tory deputy prime minister, said: "He was a popular Speaker and a good one."  Lord Tebbit, the Tory peer and former party chairman, described him as "one of life’s gentlemen".  Former Labour MP Tam Dalyell, an ex-Father of the House of Commons, said: "Albeit he once called me ‘the platoon sergeant of the awkward squad’, I rated him in the very highest league of Speakers, partly because he resisted pressure from Margaret Thatcher, and was fair to those with dissenting opinions. He was superb in being host to people from developing countries, particularly Asians as he spoke Urdu.""