On the day that it is revealed that John Reid and Tony Blair plan to introduce new stop-and-question powers for the police the Shadow Home Secretary (writing for The Independent on Sunday) documents the extent to which Labour has taken liberties without improving security:

  1. Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Tamil Tigers are unbanned, he writes, but there is a ban on demonstrations within a kilometre of Parliament;
  2. The DNA database records information on 100,000 innocent children but fails to record many serious criminals;
  3. "Experts say that ID cards will cluster our personal information in one place, making it a prime target for criminals and terrorists";
  4. The anti-terrorist forces have been under-resourced and in their place we get unwarranted proposals such as ninety days without trial that would drive "disaffected young Muslims into the arms of extremists".

The film Taking Liberties – referred to by Mr Davis – is released nationwide on 8th June.

David Cameron was asked earlier this week why he still had not appointed a replacement for sacked homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer.  He replied that he was waiting to see how the Government’s own new arrangements for home and security affairs bed down.  There is some speculation that Mr Mercer might return to his old position in the summer reshuffle.  Another name in the frame is Baron Trimble because of his Northern Ireland experiences.

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