The Cornerstone Group of 35 Tory MPs has launched a new website. In his introductory post chairman Edward Leigh describes the group:

"We represent traditional Tory themes of nation, family, enterprise and compassion, founded on Judaeo-Christian ethics. We keep the flame burning because we believe that a vigorous discussion about Conservative ideas can be of immense value to our party in the remaining two or three years to the General Election."

He then goes on to talk about the successes of David Cameron’s leadership:

"We applaud our leader’s decision to reach out to people who have yet to vote for us, and for him to talk about environmental and poverty issues, where we have undersold ourselves in the past – and to speak up in favour of marriage."

But, embracing ‘the politics of and‘, he also writes that the Conservative Party needs to recognise the burden of taxation and regulation, the growth of political correctness and to explain how we will root out waste and inefficiency, support marriage through the tax and benefit system, reverse the drift of powers to Europe and introduce a fairer system of immigration.

Edward Leigh recently wrote for ConservativeHome and proposed a £44bn tax cuts package that would have taken millions of low-paid people out of the tax system.

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