Foi_logo_2David Cameron said at a press conference 30 minutes ago that he had spoken to Lord Strathclyde about stopping the progress of David Maclean’s Freedom of Information amendment in the Lords.

In a response to a question from the BBC’s James Lansdale that picked up on his personal opposition to the bill, he said he understood concerns about confidentiality of correspondence with constituents but that it was now not just a Commons issue as MPs were seen to be getting special treatment.

Labour and the Conservatives were officially neutral at the Commons’ third reading of the massively unpopular legislation, which resulted in some good coverage for the LibDems. Ming Campbell emailed his e-supporters to announce the launch of a website/petition on the issue attacking both parties:

"I am shocked that the Labour and Conservative front benches in the Commons have joined forces to vote for a special exemption for MPs from the Freedom of Information Act. This brings Parliament into disrepute."

…15 minutes ago. Oops! It’s good to be on the right side of this issue now.

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See this video of his comments shot by ConservativeHome:

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