YougovThe headline figures of the latest YouGov/ Telegraph poll (compared to the most recent YouGov survey for the Sunday Times) give the Tories a 6% advantage.

Three other important observations from the survey:

  • The Tory rating (5% higher than Thursday’s ICM/ Guardian survey) suggests no immediate electoral damage from grammarsgate;
  • Gordon Brown will be pleased that YouGov’s head-to-head rating for him versus David Cameron shows a Tory advantage of 41% to 38% compared to 45% to 35% last month;
  • The worst news is for Ming with only 41% of LibDem supporters believing that he is doing a good job as leader.

LibDems wondering whether to oust Ming Campbell will be confused by quite different findings from YouGov and ICM.  YouGov’s unchanged 15% rating for the LibDems (enough to at least make the argument that Ming should be replaced) is 6% less than ICM’s also unchanged 21% rating (enough, perhaps, for Ming to deserve the benefit of the doubt).

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