Bnp_post_may_paper01Noting that 342,000 people voted for the BNP on 3rd May, Charles Walker MP has written a short paper for the Cornerstone blog – issued today – that recommends that we do not allow political correctness to get in way of defeating Nick Griffin’s party.

Mr Walker disputes the suggestion that the BNP has distanced itself from its "thuggish past":

"Those who dare criticise it will often find their names posted on websites such as Red Watch and Stormfront and become the subject of fevered online discussions between white supremacists. Indeed, the relationship between these ultra-fascist websites and the BNP is too overt to ignore and strongly suggests that the BNP continues to be the legitimate political wing of the ‘skinhead’ faction.  We need to make this connection in the minds of those self-professed ‘decent’ people who feel, in their words, ‘forced’ into voting for the BNP as a way of registering their frustration at the mainstream political parties."

The paper argues that "continued concern surrounding Islamic fundamentalism and the real or perceived unwillingness of the Government to talk sensibly about immigration and integration" feeds the BNP its political opportunities.

Mr Walker’s paper contains a range of recommendations on housing and immigration policies.  It also argues for Conservatives to reat the BNP as a party of the left:

"Politically the Conservative Party should not shy away from positioning the BNP as another Party of the left operating in an increasing crowded space populated by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Respect and the Greens. All of these parties favour high-levels of state intervention, big government and top down problem solving. As the allocation of its few council seats suggests, the BNP is not the natural home of Conservative-minded voters and the party must work and campaign to ensure that this remains the case."

Download a pdf of the full paper here.

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