"Following Graham Brady’s resignation, Mark Francois will replace him as Shadow Minister for Europe and David Gauke will join the Treasury team.

In a letter to Graham Brady, David Cameron wrote:

“Thank you for your letter in which you submit your resignation as Shadow Minister for Europe.
I respect your decision, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done in that role.
Two weeks ago you accepted that we should not continue to debate whether to introduce more grammar schools.
The reason for this is to allow us to focus on the real issues in our secondary schools – namely, giving head teachers the power to ensure discipline, the need to encourage more new, good schools, the importance of setting by ability, and saving our special schools.  These are issues which affect the children who go to the thousands of secondary schools up and down the country. They are also issues where we have clear differences with Labour.
As you know, it has never been our policy to undermine existing grammar schools.  As David Willetts and I have both said, they are good schools, and we support them.
As you said in your statement of a few weeks ago, the priority of the next Conservative Government will rightly be to ensure that children in all our secondary schools reach their true potential.”

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