With David Davis sat next to him, a very bronzed David Cameron (lots of
canvassing) asked the Prime Minister if he had ruled out an independent
inquiry into 7/7.  Mr Blair said that he had.  Another inquiry would
not, he suggested, reach a different conclusion from the Intelligence and Security
Committee but would divert the police and intelligence services from
their vital work.  The Prime Minister also challenged David Davis’
of yesterday that the security services had not been
adequately resourced.  Their funding had doubled, he said.

Ming Campbell (whose party has issued an anti-war ad
for the local elections) asked about Geoff Hoon’s admission that there
had been inadequate post-war planning in Iraq.  Tony Blair replied by
saying that Saddam Hussein would still be in power if the LibDems had
had their way.

Dennis Skinner amused the House with his question.  He called for a fresh inquiry into Black (White?) Wednesday given that new information had come to light.  That ‘new information’ being David Cameron’s backroom role on the day and the fact that he had not been trailed since.

Mr Cameron’s second question teased Tony Blair about his promise to serve a full term and his failure to do so.  ‘Was this his last broken promise?’ David Cameron asked.  The Prime Minister teased back by noting David Cameron’s attempt to enlist Greg Dyke as the Tory mayoral candidate.  I can assure the House, Tony Blair said, that his successor would be a member of his party.  David Cameron didn’t ask his sixth question which might have been an opportunity to ask about the Newsnight poll which found that approximately three-quarters of Britons would like an immediate election to affirm Blair’s successor.

It was interesting to see the chamber relatively empty.  Lots of our
taxpayer-funded MPs are obviously in their constituencies campaigning
in the local elections.

Editor’s comment: "Tony Blair was on form today – ridiculing the LibDems – and perhaps beginning to look forward to being free from office.  David Cameron’s second set of questions didn’t quite work and he might have been better to have focused on some issue of local government responsibility."

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