BnpscanThe scan above (click to enlarge) comes from tonight’s London Evening Standard.  It appears that Tories in Broxbourne are using the example of last year’s BNP wins in Barking to scare voters away from the far-right party.  The Standard’s Paul Waugh writes:

"The [Broxbourne] leaflet claims that Barking, which elected 12 BNP councillors last year, saw homes rise by 1.2% compared with the London average of 9.1%.  It says the difference meant Barking homeowners lost out on an average £17,000 over past year.  In 2005, the year before BNP got elected, Barking homes increased with the London average."

ConservativeHome has discovered another Tory leaflet that is much harder hitting.  Tories in Holbeach, Lincolnshire will tonight be delivering a leaflet (the full text of which is published below) that compares the fight against the BNP today with that against Hitler in the 1940s.  Over the top?  What do you think?

The Holbeach Tories are attempting to unseat a councillor who defected from the Conservative Party to the BNP nearly a year ago.  BNP leader Nick Griffin has visited the ward and BNP activists have distributed large volumes of literature in support of their three candidates.  Local Conservatives had ignored the BNP up until now and had focused on positive reasons to vote Conservative.  Tonight’s eve-of-poll leaflet represents a much more aggressive tactic.

Text of a leaflet being distributed by Conservative councillors and candidates in Holbeach, Lincolnshire:


The BNP are infiltrating Holbeach, pretending to be respectable. The truth is very different:

– BNP founder John Tyndall said: ‘Mein Kampf is my Bible’ (The Observer, 2003)

– In 2006 BNP Deputy Chairman Scott Mclean was shown making Nazi salutes on a TV documentary. (Nazi Hate Rock, 2006)

– BNP leader Nick Griffin said, at his trial, that Nazi atrocities were, in part, a product of ‘Allied wartime propaganda’ (BBC news website)

In 1940, Britain stood alone against Hitler.

Now all decent people must take a stand against the hate-mongers of the BNP.

In your words:

‘I’d no more vote BNP than vote for Hitler’
– Holbeach war veteran

‘They just weren’t interested when I told them I needed help’
-Holbeach cancer patient

‘House prices will plummet in Holbeach if the BNP get a foothold’
– Independent valuer

At the beginning of this election campaign, the Bishop of Lincoln, along with the Catholic, Methodist, United Reform, Baptist, Salvation Army, and Independent churches, issued a chilling warning:

"In a democracy, it is alarming when prejudices become part of a political platform. We wish to express, in the strongest terms, our distaste for any political platform which has the effect of destabilising communities through the use of misinformation, scare stories and inflammatory rhetoric."

The reverse of the leaflet makes the positive case for voting Conservative.

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