LibDemVoice: "The Government was today accused of breaking the law in an attempt to
bury bad news after waiting until the day of Tony Blair’s resignation
to publish a report on ID cards that reveals the cost of the project
has gone up by £640m since October."

Danny Finkelstein: "Tony Blair’s government has changed this country fundamentally. Mass immigration, gay rights, independence of the Bank of England, devolution, our interventionist foreign policy doctrine, an uncertain future for our relationship with the United States – Britain is very different as a result of this Prime Minister’s tenure."

Ben Brogan: "One can just detect the beginnings of a "missing you already" mood, if only because of the lavish coverage on the telly this morning. And no wonder. It was an extraordinary farewell statement by Tony Blair, a vintage performance by the great showman. As he has done so many times before, he demonstrated why he remains such a formidable politician. So much of his address was quotable ("defiant, defensive, chauvinistic" is Sir Menzies Campbell’s pithy verdict just now)."

Iain Dale: "I have to pinch myself that I am listening to this rubbish. This speech demeans Blair. His constant craving for approval is stomach churning. "I did what I thought was right" he has said – twice. He sounds as if he is facing a war crimes tribunal rather than making a resignation statement. It was actually very American in tone – very emotional. Very unbritish, if you like."

Dizzy: "Pension funds raided and plundered, tax credit fiascos, SureStart failure, massive erosion of civil liberties, ID cards, a crumbling debt ridden NHS. Oh wait, hang on a second, most of those things are the fault of the guy who will take the Crown."

PS The Speaker has just addressed Gordon Brown as Prime Minister during Treasury Questions.  Not quite yet, Mr Martin!

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