With Blair widely thought to be announcing his resignation tomorrow, Alan Duncan will today give a speech attempting to assuage any lingering doubts that Gordon Brown is up to his neck in this unpopular government. Speaking to consultancy Sovereign Strategy, his main soundbites will be:

  • "He is not a fresh start: he is the blast from
    the past."
  • "Every imaginable aspect of the last 10 years of government has had to pass through Brown’s all-controlling hands."
  • "Brown is not just the perpetrator of spin and propaganda: he is their principal architect."
  • "There isn’t one of his budgets which has been free of deceitful trickery, and he cannot escape responsibility for a single day of the last 10 years."
  • "In many areas of government, Brown has been more in charge than the Prime Minister himself. There is no way Brown will be able to dissociate himself from Labour’s record – he is the record."
  • "The man who destroyed your pension and doubled your council tax will soon have nobody else to blame but himself."

Scroll down ToryDiary’s Countdown to Brown? category for more on the man. Meanwhile, Jon Cruddas, now backed by Tony Robinson in the competitive Deputy Leadership race, has released a poll of Labour Party members showing that half of them believe the elections results last week were bad and that their party needs to change some policies and the way they operate.

Deputy Editor