This was a very difficult category to shortlist (it got by far the most comments when we first mentioned it). There are many notable exceptions but we’ve chosen the following three very different blogs:

Sinclairs_musings_2Matthew Sinclair – Sinclair’s Musings is updated about twice a day, often with lengthy, academic posts. It is wide-ranging in scope, analysing the philosophy and arguments of social conservatism, economics, foreign policy, environmentalism and Islamism. He has had significant attention recently for writing about the Anglo-American Right, the costs of cutting carbon emissions, and "labrador conservatism". Matthew has now finished a Masters and is going to work with the talented folks at the TaxPayers’ Alliance.


Mark Clarke – As Chairman this year, Mark has helped engender a new era of transparency in the goings-on of Conservative Future through his blog and CF Diary. His blog hasn’t been updated much in recent months (understandably) but it has been a useful tool for keeping members in the loop about what was going on nationally, and for showing that he was keeping himself busy visiting branches and going to events.

BucfBirmingham University CF – This is a great example of a CF branch blog. Hosted from the organisation’s homepage, it is multiple-authored by the committee so has always got fresh stories for visitors.

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