Dizzy_logoDizzy Thinks Managing to blog prolifically in-between meeting computer programming deadlines, Dizzy is always an amusing and enlightening read. A London-based Conservative activist and self-described "internet geek", he is particularly good at digging out random websites and technological stories of interest, and has a knack for rebuffing left-wing columnists.

Iain_dales_diaryIain Dale’s Diary Surely the most popular personal blog written by a Conservative in the UK, the readership of Iain Dale’s Diary has shot up since restarting after the David Davis leadership campaign. Iain’s blog does what it says on the tin ("Politics, commentary, humour, gossip"), being largely a place for political punditry with the odd bit of football, TV, etc thrown in. The comprehensive sidebar of links is worth checking out, as is his alternating banner!


Burning Our Money – Former Treasury worker "Wat Tyler" relentlessly exposes government waste and excessive bureaucracy on this blog, he really is quite the expert on the subject. He urges that "we the peasants demand our high-spending, high-living, conflicted politicos mend their ways", and supplements the blog with a factfile and the absolutely brilliant Tyler Telly.

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