PraguetoryPragueTory The only blog shortlisted for any award that is based overseas (no prizes for guessing where!), PragueTory has burst onto the centre-right blogosphere in the last year. Better known for his blog-based campaigns and wars against left-wing bloggers than for commentary, he’s a good person to have on your side!

Ncf_3The New Culture Forum The cerebral NCF blog is updated every other day or so with some of the highest quality articles in the British blogosphere. It is really going against the tide with right-wing reviews and conservative critiques of the arts. The NCF is a good example of how new organisations can use the internet to establish themselves without needing a large operation.

CroydonianThe Croydonian –  Profilic libertarian, "reluctant large ‘C’ Conservative" blogger who has written well over a thousand posts since starting a year ago. You don’t always know what to expect from it, there is a lot of commentary on world politics, but also has a smattering of Croydon issues and whatever takes his interest. Croydonian’s posts always get comments and he has become a regular pundit on 18 Doughty Street.


Tomorrow we will publish the shortlist for the Best Conservative Blog overall, and open an online vote on all six categories. The winners will be announced at an informal event on Wednesday May 23rd (before the football final) at the Marquis of Granby near the old Smith Square HQ. It’ll be free to attend and there will be complimentary nibbles. Email me to put your name down.

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