We’ve added an award category for mysterious bloggers to make it a bit more interesting. Being able to say what you want on the internet under the cloak of anonymity certainly has its negative sides, but we’d be worse off without insightful blogs such as these:

Social_affairs_unitWatlington – One of the main contributors to the excellent Social Affairs Unit blog, Watlington has been blogging since mid-2005 with varying regularity. He is obviously very well connected in the Conservative Party and the centre-right thinktank world, and has particularly good insights on the foreign policy front.


Mr Eugenides – Since starting in late 2005 Mr Eugenides has been one of the most reliable sources of scathing rebuttal to the left-wing media and especially Comment is Free in the last year. The blog is updated several times each day and has become known for its humorous but biting style – his regular verbal assault on Labour ministers has quite a reputation. Although it’s not the main focus, it’s a good place for the largely English right-wing blogosphere to stay informed about what is going on in the world of Scottish politics (see his live-blogging on the Parliamentary elections tonight).

Cranmer_banner_2Archbishop Cranmer "His Grace" writes in the persona of the man who was burned at the stake almost five hundred years ago, even in emails and blog comments. The aim of this blog is to "investigate and expose religio-politics or politico-religiosity, whatever the cost" (or more specifically, conservative-Christianity and Christian-conservatism). He does this with moral seriousness and intellectual rigour, bringing some refreshing common sense to some of the touchiest subjects in British politics.


Meanwhile, The Spectator is moving into the new media age by recruiting two top UK bloggers – Clive Davis and Stephen Pollard – to base themselves on its website. The third blog they’ve launched today is called the Coffee House, a platform for some of the Spectator’s regular writers. Comparing popular blog platforms to London’s coffee houses in the late 16th, early 17th centuries is a clever analogy. The Leadership Race section of ConservativeHome was described at the time as a coffee house for Conservative activists. They’ve hit the ground running with plenty of posts, if they can keep it up I’m sure it will become a regular haunt for e-Tories.

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