HisfinaltrickIs Tony Blair planning a final gift to the Labour Party by resigning before next Thursday’s local elections?  The Express and Telegraph speculate that he might be planning to take advantage of the saturation coverage that would greet such an announcement.  Although there would be a reminder of Labour’s failures – including of the handling of the Iraq war – there would also be focus on his achievements, including the Northern Ireland peace process.

Margaret Thatcher was deeply unpopular in 1990 but her resignation and the associated coverage of her premiership produced a bounce in her standing.  Labour may be hoping a resignation next Tuesday – the tenth anniversary of Blair’s election – might do the same for their party’s candidates for Thursday’s elections.  Mr Blair might even announce that he’ll be supporting Gordon Brown and give Labour a much needed boost in its ratings for unity.

Republicans in Washington regret that George Bush only sacked Donald Rumsfeld after last November’s Congressional elections.  Many believe that the Senate might still be in GOP hands today if Bush had forced Rumself out a few weeks before polling and had demonstrated a willingness to listen to American voters’ concerns.

Iain Dale speculated about this happening last week and even drafted a resignation speech for Blair.

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