Telegraphseuss It’s certainly true that you don’t get free Dr Seuss stickers with ConservativeHome but, unlike The Daily Telegraph, you do get comprehensive coverage of the Conservative Party.  It’s interesting that this morning’s newspaper contains zero coverage of yesterday’s party board decision on MEP selection.  In recent weeks a number of old media outlets have been complaining about the blogosphere but one of the much under-reported advantages of blogs like ConservativeHome is that we provide a depth and breadth of specialist coverage that the mainstream media struggles to rival.  My favourite websites and blogs are those that specialise.  They are more expert and more interesting than much of that reported by the BBC and newspaper reporters that hop from one posting to the next.  A few sites worthy of highlight include Mike Denham’s waste-watching Burning Our Money, NHS Blog Doctor, and the British Army Rumour Service.

ConservativeHome has been noticed by a couple of leading US websites.  Rob Bluey wrote about the rise of Britain’s conservative websites on and guest-blogging on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Reihan Salam was very generous about ConservativeHome’s ‘and theory of conservatism’.  A full account of last week’s fact-finding mission to Washington has been posted on BritainAndAmerica by Sam.

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