YougovA YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph shows the Tory lead down from 8% to 5% (compared with the most recent YouGov poll – for The Sunday Times).  In line with other recent surveys the LibDems are up – a strengthening that probably reflects the energy of their council candidates rather than a new affection for Menzies Campbell.

Three of the four pollsters in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls put the Tories on 37%.  CommunicateResearch puts the party on 36%.  The average Tory lead is 7.25%.  The Conservatives were, on average, just 1.2% ahead of last year’s local elections.

An interesting graphic in The Telegraph shows how Gordon Brown’s advantage over David Cameron has been transformed from +8% in November 2005 to -10% now.

At the last General Election Labour had a 49% to 27% advantage on economic competence.  That has been transformed into a 1% disadvantage today.  But that transformation in one of the three points of ‘the iron triangle of electoral success‘ is almost wholly due to a drop in confidence in Labour (-20%) rather than increased confidence in the Tories (+3%).

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