After all the excitement on this blog over the last 24 hours about Scotland…

An ITV Wales poll finds that the Tories are set to become the second largest party after next month’s elections to the Cardiff Assembly.  These are the voting intentions of those who describe themselves as "certain to vote":

  • Labour: 36% (40% in 2003) in the first-past-the-post constituencies and 35% (37%) via the top-up lists;
  • Conservative: 23% (20%) and 24% (19%);
  • Plaid: 20% (21%) and 20% (20%)
  • Lib Dems: 15% (14%) and 15% (13%).

The poll increases the likelihood of an anti-Labour grand coalition in Wales emerging after May.

Earlier this week on ConservativeHome William Graham AM set out the case for voting Conservative in the Assembly Elections.

Plaid have been running very heavily against ‘Labour’s Englishness’.  The broadcast below typifies their campaign.

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