ConservativeHome has decided to nail its colours to the mast and give Michael Meacher its full backing to become Labour’s next leader.  His article in today’s Times – ‘No More New Labour’ – spelt out his manifesto:

  • A return to the politics of old-style redistribution;
  • A reversal of Michael Howard’s ‘prison works policy’ through a "drastic" reduction in the prison population;
  • Parliamentary ratification of all Prime Ministerial appointments to the Cabinet;
  • The ruling out of the military option against Iran;
  • A minimum 60% cut in carbon emmissions by 2050.

It’ll be as if Tony Blair never happened.  Mr Meacher is typical of the ‘others must live more simply environmentalism.’  The Daily Mail has previously exposed how he has three homes for his own personal use within a large property portfolio.  This is what he wrote twenty years ago:

"Housing is not, or should not be, a status symbol, an object of conspicuous consumption, or a source of market power or wealth.  It is a place where individuals and families should be able to live and inter-relate in mutual happiness.  Too many people have second homes or too large homes for their needs, while too many others are homeless or overcrowded or even lacking basic facilities."

Incredible hypocrisy.

Blair – our deadliest-ever political opponent – has confused the electoral landscape for more than fifteen years.  The end of his time in Number Ten will be a huge opportunity for Conservatives if Old Labour views come to prominence during the leadership election.  Labour still do not appreciate how central he was to their success.

Iain Dale has more on the increasingly negative race for the Deputy Labour Leadership.

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