Policeofficers Using Freedom of Information requests the above statistics are revealed in a report prepared by Tory MP Grant Shapps.  Speaking to ConservativeHome, Grant said:


"My report highlights how the very people who are charged with protecting the public are themselves under constant attack. That seventy Police Officers are attacked every day says much about society and whereas the standard response would be a plethora of new Government initiatives, programmes and prescriptive Whitehall driven targets, I hope that the Home Office uses this investigation to think about these problems from a more long-term perspective."

Embracing David Cameron’s focus on the social roots of incivility he continued:

"The answer is to work to heal the deep problems in society, to work out why it is that respect for the police has sunk to the level where it’s acceptable to assault the police. Government needs to realise that passing another fifty Home Office Acts of Parliament, will do little to fix the problem. We need to work on mending society through helping families stay together and changing attitudes, every bit as much as simply providing our police with more body armour."

The report is covered in this morning’s Express and Telegraph

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