Cameron defends Party after Scottish opinion polls:

"Tory leader David Cameron today dismissed poll findings suggesting his party is going nowhere in the Holyrood election campaign. He insisted the Tories were running "a very positive campaign" and said: "I don’t make predictions."

And Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie said she was "relatively relaxed" about the poll findings. A YouGov poll for The Sunday Times put the Tories at 14% in the constituency vote and 13% in the list vote, equating to 16 seats, while a Scottish Opinion survey for the Mail on Sunday put them on 10% and 11%, equating to 13 seats.

Mr Cameron told BBC1’s The Politics Show he was "passionate" about the Scottish Tories doing well.

"The argument in Scotland that I’m making is look, you had a Labour government in Scotland. If you don’t want the divorce offered by the SNP, the Conservative party is now a moderate, sensible, centre right party."

He said the party cared about about personal responsibility, strong defence, for those left behind, and the environment. "It’s a party there for people in Scotland who want that middle way, if you like," he said." (Press Association)

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