At a meeting of The Freedom Association’s Council on St George’s Day, Roger Helmer MEP was unanimously elected the new Honorary Chairman of TFA. He succeeds Christopher Gill, former MP for Ludlow, who has now taken on the role of TFA President. Lord Tebbit recently became one of its patrons.

TFA is a multi-issue pressure group, and its campaigns include the Better Off Out campaign against the EU, opposing ID cards, political correctness and the nanny state. Roger said of his appointment:

Roger_helmer2"It is a huge honour to become the Honorary Chairman of an organisation with such campaigning pedigree that stands for Jeffersonian principles, such as individual liberty, personal responsibility, the free market, strong national defence, low taxation and the small state. It was to support precisely these principles that I got involved in politics, and I look forward greatly to working with The Freedom Association to further promote these ideals."

His recent activities include organising a Counter-Consensual Climate Change Conference and doing a podcast on marriage.

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